Clubs & Activities

Timetable for Clubs and Activities for 2023/2024

Ingleby Manor Enrichment Timetable – Summer 2024

Clubs & Activities will commence on Monday 15th April

Homework Club

Homework Club runs Monday – Thursday from 3.30pm – 4.30 pm in the LRC. Advanced Booking is not required and students are not required to stay for the entire hour.

For your child to attend a club or activity, a consent form is required to be completed and submitted. Homework club does not require a consent form to be submitted as this is a drop in session where students can attend for all or part of the session.

The link to the online consent form can is located below:

Student Reward & Recognition

Earn your Marks

Ingleby Manor Free School believe in an all-round education, where all our students develop self confidence, life-skills and leadership experiences. In supporting our curriculum, we have also developed and invested in a simple, but broad set of school ‘Marks’ that students are expected to work towards during different stages of their time at Ingleby Manor. These Marks are designed so that that each student will undertake a range of activities in Year 7,8 & 9 to achieve their Bronze award by the end of year 7, Silver by the end of year 8 and Gold by the end of year 9. These achievements are fully attainable through our wider curriculum, but there is an opportunity to achieve the platinum award for students demonstrating commitment above and beyond these challenges.

For those achieving the awards, coloured badges will be presented, along with certificates at end of term celebration assemblies. In essence, the ‘Marks’ system is an awards system which offers students a range of character-building opportunities that enhance their learning and development. The ‘Marks’ system aims to encourage and support many important qualities in students such as leadership, citizenship, morality, sense of community and collective responsibility.

These qualities are focused upon in the five strands of our wider curriculum

Praise Cards – Online Heroes

It is important that students are recognised for their effort and commitment to their learning whilst working at home, with this each week teachers are asked to nominate students that they feel deserve recognition for the work and engegement they have show in their remote learning. Praise Cards are then sent to parents/carers outlining what their child has been praised for.


To ensure that students are kept informed and engaged, year group assemblies are held each half term. Students are provided with new updates and those students that are performing well are acknowledged and rewarded. Rewards include vouchers and certificates.

Assemblies cover the following:

  • Headlines (News)
  • You’re Doing Great (Feedback on engagement levels)
  • What is required as a IMFS Learner (Standards & expectations)
  • Keeping you Informed (School specific updates)
  • Staying Safe (Online and Physical safety including adhering to government guidelines)
  • Hegarty Maths Top performers (Year group specific)
  • GCSE Pod Top performers (Year group specific)
  • Online Heroes (Sharing nominations)
  • Good Habits (Health & Wellbeing)
  • Timetables (Updates and changes to live lessons or timetable structures)
  • Microsoft Teams (User guide recapand support)
  • Word of the Week
  • FAQS (Answers will be covered in tutor time)
  • Celebrating Memorial Days
  • Promoting British Values & Citizenship

Parent & Student Voice

Ingleby Manor School is committed to continuous improvement and we have actively sought feedback on our Home Learning Programme. Parents and students were requested to complete a series of questionnaires for us to identify what was going well and what improvements could be made.

Feedback overall was very positive, however there were a number of areas that were identified where further improvements could be made. 

You can read the feedback and the actions taken in the documents below

Feedback and Actions