School Meals

Breakfast & Lunch


Breakfast - What is available? 

Breakfast items are available before school and during morning break time. Below are some examples of options available.

- Cereal Bars

- Muffins

- Croissants

- Toast

- Bagels

- Orange / Apple Juice


Lunch - What is available? 

We have a variety of options available daily, consisting of a meat based option and a vegetarian option along with soup and salad.

Below are some examples of the food that we offer. A menu for each term is made available on the school website at the start of term.

 - Meat Dish (Lasagna, Curry, Chicken, Chilli, Fajitas)

 - Vegetarian Dish (Veg Lasagna, Veg Curry, Quorn Sausages, Pasta, Veg burger)

 - Vegtables & Sides (Peas, Carrots, Mash, Jacket Potato, Rice, Brocolli)

 - Soup of the day

 - Variety of Sandwiches

 - Salad

 - Dessert (Tray bake Cake, Cheesecake, Cookie, Fruit, Doughnut, Flapjack)


Costs - How much do school meals cost?

 Meals are currently charged based on:

  • Hot Meal Main + Salad (optional) + Dessert                    - £2.50
  • Grab & Go Meal (NEW) + Salad (optional) + Dessert       - £2.50
  • Individual Breakfast Item                                              - 30p - £1.00 depending upon purchase



Payments - How do I pay for the food my child has in school?

 - Ingleby Manor School use an online payment facility called ParentPay.

 - Each child is allocated a ParentPay account when they join the school.

 -  Parents will be provided instructions of how to activate the account for their child.

 - Once the account is activated then payments for school meals and other costs in school are to be paid via this system. Payments can be made through ParentPay by a credit or debit card.

 - Ingleby Manor School use a biometric payment facility.

 - On the first day, students will have their thumb print scanned which will link direct to their ParentPay account.

 - Each time a student purchases food in school they will be required to scan their thumb and the appropriate payment will then be deducated from their account.

- It is a parents responsibility to ensure that there is money credited to their childs ParentPay account at all times to cover the cost of school meals being taken.