Performing Arts

“The world is a complicated place, and there’s a lot of division between people. The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does.”

― David Rubenstein, Chairman of the Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts

Performing Arts in all forms offers our students the opportunity to communicate their work and ideas through different creative forms. While doing so, students are able to build on vital transferable skills such as teamwork, communication – both verbal and non-verbal and presentational skills, as well as ensuring they feel safe and secure in our school by developing their confidence and self-esteem.

Performing Arts at Ingleby Manor Free School will encompass a breadth of specific subjects. Whether our students wish to study Drama, Dance, Music and Film and Media, the school will offer the opportunity for them to do so within the school day. Many of our performing arts subjects will be taught by outside agencies such as Tees Valley Music Service, Teesside School of Music, Northern Contemporary Music, along with Kelly Fairhurst who will be coming into the school to teach Film and Media. The Performing Arts based within the school will be focussed on the subject of Drama for the first two terms and will be closely linked with our students work on WW1 and Private Peaceful in English and History for the first term. There will be opportunities throughout the year for students to present and perform their work and talents to peers and parents at events and evenings to encourage them to share their abilities and take pride in their skills.