Our Vision

Successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens

Where will you be eight years from now? For some it may seem like a lifetime – too far off to consider what might be happening or where we might be. But for a moment, we’d like you to consider what will be happening then…

It’s August eight years from now and students currently in Year 6 have who have attended Ingleby Manor Free School are collecting their A level results, confident in the knowledge that they have worked their hardest and given their best. In the autumn they will be off to universities such as Durham, Oxford, Cambridge and Leeds, to further their budding enterprise business ventures, or to embark upon their well planned gap years.

They will be leaving a school whose graduates are high achieving, articulate and respectful young people, ready to grasp every opportunity available to them in their future careers and wider lives. “No challenge too great, no opportunity beyond reach, no situation too daunting” is the mantra instilled into Ingleby students throughout their time in the school.

Our students will look back upon their school days and remember a school full of students with friendly, positive attitudes who showed respect and courtesy to each other, to their teachers and to the many visitors and volunteers who helped to enrich their time at Ingleby Manor Free School. Local and national commercial and voluntary sector ventures are keen to be associated with the school due to its reputation.

One day our students will reflect upon the exceptional teaching they received – recognising it as innovative, engaging and purposeful – remembering the classroom teachers and instructors who were happy to take risks that brought their learning to life. Teachers always had a thorough and accurate understanding of their needs and aspirations. Exemplary formative marking and one-to-one feedback sessions kept each and every student on track. Many of their lessons will have been highly interactive – indeed they led a number of them as part of their SMSC programme, supporting younger students in the school and in their feeder primary schools. They remember their first Principal as being dedicated to their success, knowledgeable about each of them and decisive in introducing new and exciting projects. They think especially fondly of the one-off projects that were encouraged, such as entering a team into the F1 challenge.

The school is very much at the heart of the Ingleby Barwick community. Supported on a daily basis by the Ingleby Manor Foundation Trust (IMFT), there are daytime, evening and weekend activities across a multitude of areas, from sports teams competing in national competitions to craft groups and community meetings for a whole variety of local clubs and societies.

Above all, a culture of mutual respect and success permeates all involved with the school. Every parent speaks highly of the school and embraces the chance to be involved in the future direction of the school as a governor, volunteer, instructor, or learner. Each student believes that their “good” can be “great” and that dedication and application will bring rewards at every level.

This is our vision.