Our Ethos

Our aim is to place pupils at the heart of our school community and a passion for learning in the hearts of our pupils. This will be delivered through a school that fosters learning communities and promotes and provides excellence in teaching, learning and relationships by setting high standards of behaviour, inclusion and engagement, instilling high personal and collective aspirations. We will develop lively and inquisitive minds and always seek to actively and positively engage and communicate with parents, extended families and the wider community.

Our school will become a centre where innovative leadership will be encouraged, where there will be no such thing as a bad idea, and there are no boundaries to learning; a caring community which values everyone. All staff will be expected to have the highest standards and to be leaders in our students’ learning journey. We aim to foster the development of fully rounded students who are successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

The Delta Academies Trust group has a common set of values it shares with all the schools it works with. Ingleby Manor Free School and Sixth Form will pride itself on being:

  • A school with high standards and expectations
  • A caring and highly successful school
  • A learning centre which develops lively and enquiring minds
  • A highly inclusive school working in partnership with local agencies and supporting a personalised curriculum for all students
  • A school where courtesy, co-operation, enterprise and initiative are paramount
  • An innovative and energising centre for both students and staff
  • At the centre of the community both as a resource, in its service to others, and in promoting community cohesion