Our Curriculum

At Ingleby Manor Free School, we believe that education is far more than teaching students how to pass exams. Whilst these are of course very important, we also believe that our students need to develop a wider set of skills, equipping them to face adult life and its many challenges in an ever changing world.

Our KS3 curriculum therefore not only focuses on challenging study in the traditional areas of English, Mathematics, Science and the Humanities but introduces our language choices of Mandarin alongside our preferred modern European language study of Spanish. Students are also given the chance to choose to follow some their own particular interests, in consultation with home, from an early stage as we develop a more personalised and flexible approach beyond the core subjects. This means that a student may decide, for example, to follow a heavily arts based set of subjects for a term and then switch to a sports based programme later in the year.

Find out more about our KS3 core and extended curricula, as well as our approach to KS4 and sixth form by following the links at the side of this page.