Modern Languages

“There are a whole host of reasons why it’s important to speak a language other than English. We are part of the European Union, in which we can live, work or study in any one of 27 countries. The balance of the world economy is changing as countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil grow in importance. Speaking the language of other nations will be a huge factor in how successful we are in the future. So in the world of work, language skills are going to be increasingly important in organisations and businesses who want to remain competitive on an international level.

But economics and employability aren’t the factors at play, here. By speaking a language other than English, the world opens up to you. You have an asset for life! Languages help us build friendships with people across the globe, and understand and experience different cultures in a way that enriches our own lives, too. They open up travel opportunities, the chance to study or live abroad and, ultimately, allow us to experience things that speaking English alone we simply wouldn’t be capable of.”

― Taken from the CILT website, The National Centre for Languages

At Ingleby Manor Free School we have carefully chosen the modern languages that our students will learn in order to prepare them for the demands of the modern world. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, spoken by over 1 billion people. English follows Urdu with just over 5 million speakers worldwide and Spanish follows Arabic with almost 60 million speakers. Mandarin, English and Spanish are the top 3 languages of the United Nations. Our student’s language provision is responding directly to the current changes in the modern world, equipping students with the skills to speak the top 3 languages gives them a competitive edge when they enter the job market.

Language learning also opens up the opportunity for our students to learn more about the world in which we live. It will inspire them to travel more extensively, to forge new friendships with foreign speakers and to have life experiences that only travelling and exploring can provide. We hope to allow the students to share some of these experiences together whilst at Ingleby Manor with foreign language trips and excursions. We will expose our students to not only the fundamentals of the language but also to the culture and history of those countries. Our aim at Ingleby Manor is to inspire our students to become life-long language learners.