Key Stage 4

Our KS4 curriculum will give our students time to concentrate on their chosen GCSE subjects – our aim is to focus unapologetically upon quality over quantity. Our vision is that students will study a maximum of 11 GSCEs with an emphasis on achieving the highest grades possible. Recent changes to the national examination system will mean that the vast majority of examinations will be taken at the end of Year 11 as one off terminal papers. This significant change to examination practice will demand that all students are confident in their grasp of whole subject areas rather than recalling bite sized elements as is currently the case. Our teaching will recognise this shift in demand and will support students in developing excellent examination skills and the ability to synthesise and apply their knowledge in each individual subject area.

Wider options will give students, where appropriate, the opportunity to follow industry based qualifications.

During KS4, our students will also be required to take part in community activities, from peer mentoring younger students to supporting our primary schools, shows for senior citizens and charity fund raising.