Independent Study

Lifelong learning is our birthright. At Ingleby Manor Free School we can continually develop our portable capacity to learn in new and challenging circumstances throughout our lives. Independent study is the development of our student’s ability to learn rather than be taught. This form of self-regulated learning ensures that pupils have a firm understanding or their own learning and motivates them to take responsibility for the progress that they make. Learning does not merely involve students working alone; the teacher’s role is important in enabling and supporting this method of learning and self-development.

Being a successful  independent learner shows that you understand what you are learning and what you are expected to do. Through choice, students can further their understanding based upon their own specific needs. The ability to be able to reflect upon their own learning and know when to ask for support when needed is a key to success in independent learning. Our students will cultivate research skills and ultimately become accountable for their own learning – key skills at GCSE and A-Level.