Wider Curriculum

The extended curriculum is designed in every sense to stretch and challenge students in our care. By providing our students with a rich and varied experience we develop powerful and real learning experiences. The extended curriculum works because students can engage with our outside partners, experts in their fields, for much longer periods of time. Whether the students are horse riding, designing and making in engineering or developing excellent team skills in a competitive arena the extended curriculum aims.

  • To provide an excellent academic education in a caring, supportive and safe environment.
  • To give the opportunity for each student to develop to the best of their potential, not only educationally but also creatively, spiritually and morally.
  • To create conditions in which initiative, independent thought, team collaboration and enquiry are welcomed and a life long enjoyment of learning is cultivated.
  • To foster good standards of behaviour, mature and responsible attitudes and consideration for all within both the faculty and the School.
  • To ensure as far as possible that students are equipped to face the challenges of life both in and beyond school.

Building Learning Power through the curriculum is a key element in providing our students with a rich and powerful learning experience wherein their academic progress is monitored closely; expectations from both staff and students is high and learning experiences are both differentiated and personalised.