Dates for your Diary

Thurs 28th April 6pm-7pm

Parent Awareness Session – Helping your child  study at home


Tue/Wed 17th/18th May      

7pm-9pm - School Show


Fri 20th May 2.30pm             

School half term starts


Mon 6th June 7.30am          

School re-opens for Summer Term 2



Mon 7th June                                

Year 8 Centre for Life trip - Newcastle



Mon-Wed 13th-15th June    

Year 7 Residential (1of 2) – Dukeshouse Wood, Northumberland


Mon-Wed 13th-15th June    

Year 8 Edinburgh Educational Visit


Wed 15th June 6pm-7pm   

Parent Session – Parental feedback


Wed-Fri 22nd-24th June

Year 7 Residential (2 of 2) – Dukeshouse Wood, Northumberland


Fri 1st July                           

End of year assessments start


Wed 6th July                         

Year 6 Transition Day

Year 7 trip to Mount Grace Priory and Codbeck Reservoir


Fri 15th July 2.30pm              

Term ends



Please take careful note of the holiday dates – we have longer breaks than most schools and do not expect to see students taking holidays in term time. An unauthorised holiday of 8 school days (or 8 days spread across the year) will take your child’s attendance below our target and will result in over 50 hours of lost learning. Last year attendance was below 94% - this would prevent us from achieving an outstanding rating if repeated this year. Our target for the year is to have attendance over 96% so please try to send your child in to school if at all possible.