Clubs and Activities

The vision of our founding Trustees is very much centred on encouraging and promoting wider community use of the school and, as such, Ingleby Manor Foundation Trust (IMFT) will be leading our work in this area.


In addition to clubs that form part of the school day, extra-curricular provision will be a significant feature of Ingleby Manor Free School. We hope that all young people resident in Ingleby Barwick will have access to the school’s extra-curricular provision, regardless of the school they attend.

The Trust’s vision is that the school buildings will be in constant use outside of the school day. Activities from gymnastics and tennis to dance, cookery and cadets will be offered through either IMFT or external charities and organisations. This vision also includes the provision of a community café at our permanent site, and space for our young people to socialise with friends.

We want our school to become a hub for community activities, including community galas and celebration events. Of course not all of this will be possible immediately, and the Trust will be fund raising for many years to deliver some of these facilities (if you would like to support this, contact details for the Trust are given on the back of this prospectus).