Achievements Outside of School

**Well Done Students** 


As a school we are proud to have a number of students who have outstanding abilities both representing the school at events as well as taking part in competition's as a member of a local club or association.


Here are some students who have gained awards and recognition outside of school


  • Nathan Lyons and Robert Graham-Strachan were awarded a safety initiative award by Caterpillar for their proposals around safety in the workplace.


  • Olivia Anderson received her medal for swimming 2.5K in aid of Sports Relief this year.


  • Ellie Brewis and Elisa Milburn were spectacular at their auditions for the Fame musical this year. 


  • Liam Lucas with his TBCA Under 13's novice boys singles badminton trophy.  


  • Ben Ellis and Joe Maloney took part in Ross Jackson junior golf tour over the summer 2017. Both took part in 10 rounds of golf played at 10 different golf course around the North East.

           It was a close competition with Joe winning and Ben coming 2nd overall.